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A highly curated desk comprising leading Industry players in ROC/Compliance, Banking, Co Working Spaces, Media, Hiring and Financial Consulting as India Entry Services Partners to address  your queries and support you in your journey to enter the Indian ecosystem.

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RoC & Compliance

Media & Marketing partner:


Co-working space provider

FinTech Hubs from various Indian States would be present under one roof to provide you an insight into the nuances and opportunities pertaining to their respective FinTech Ecosystems and the Indian Ecosystem as a whole

Interactive sessions such as panel discussions, fireside chats and Ask Me Anything aimed at providing foreign and Indian FinTechs, investors and other industry players invaluable insights into the below mentioned current topics ruling the FinTech space

I Want to Go Global

The Indian market is bustling with FinTechs pioneering ground breaking ideas and technologies who aspire to tap into global markets. It is about time they are provided with guidance to achieve the same. This session is a perfect blend of CXOs of Indian FinTechs who have successfully launched their products in global markets present to share their journeys, in turn guiding their fellow FinTechs in achieving just the same.

Sridhar Marri, CEO
Senseforth (Panellist)

Venkat Malladi
CTO & Co-Founder - Vymo (Panellist)

Hemant Kshirsagar
India FinTech Leader - EY (Moderator)

Ravi Shankar
CEO - Active.AI (Panellist)

Ask Me Anything : India Entry Support

Indian FinTech ecosystem being one of the top 3 in the world, is a market of interest for various FinTechs across the globe. In order to help such FinTechs in their first steps while entering India, the AMA : India Entry Support would be a platform comprising industry experts to address the queries of foreign FinTechs on their below mentioned areas of concerns as they make their foray into the market.

Mr. Gajendra Maheshwari
Managing Partner, Reina Legal (Legal)

Hasina Chhil
Partner - EY (Tax and Regulation)

Wriju Ray
Co-founder and CBO - IDFY

Hemant Kshirsagar
India FinTech Lead - EY

Fireside Chat : Global Companies succeeding in India

What does it take for a Global FinTech to succeed in the Indian FinTech Market? The Fireside chat with the CX0s of top FinTechs who have successfully tapped into the Indian ecosystem would be a quintessential knowledge session providing you the opportunity to learn from their examples and experiences to take you a step forward in attaining your goal to succeed in the Indian Market.

Prajit Nanu
Co-Founder & CEO, InstaRem

Sachin Sandhir
India CEO, Valocity Global

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