It’s hard to believe that less than a decade ago, under $100m was invested in venture capital-backed fintech companies in India. Times have certainly changed. The country of 1.3 billion has entrepreneurship embedded in its economy and culture, and the startup scene is booming. The last decade has seen significant activity within multiple sectors, including the founding of new startups, amount of funding and number of investment rounds, influx of global investors and startups, development of regulatory infrastructure, global mergers and acquisitions, and internationalization. Indeed, innovation is cause for celebration. Expect more from India!

India is more than just the most compelling market in the world, or the richest source of tech talent. And certainly more than just the land of snake charmers. It’s also, the largest democracy, one of the fastest growing large economies, home to a vibrant heritage of cultures/civilizations and most importantly a source of frugal science and innovation.

And in that respect. India is an inspiration to the world in many ways.

India’s fintech scene is not only attractive, but also addictive, with startups paving the way for a financially savvy India with global recognition. The FinTech industry in India is instrumental in catalyzing the overall innovation ecosystem to solve real problems and make meaningful impact in unique ways, embracing the diversity of needs and challenges across the sub-continent.

India FinTech Festival brings together all facets of leadership in innovation, driven by FinTech, that contribute to sustainable economic development at scale.

From macro enablers such as real-time payment systems (UPI) and robust API stacks for identity to hyper-local micro supply chains, the India innovation landscape is a living showcase of bringing clarity and progress within a seemingly chaotic and confusing environment.

In fact, this unique character of India Innovation Inc. with FinTech at its center, is what makes India FinTech an incredible story that inspires the global innovation ecosystem.

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